Thee Power Equipment Centre started life in 1983 and has grown to become one of the top dealers in Western Canada for Stihl and Toro. As a master service center for most major engine brands, including Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler and Subaru, we are your one stop shop for both engine and equipment warranty and service.

Our product offering includes Stihl, Toro, Husqvarna, Ariens, Wallenstein, Billy Goat and Subaru, to name a few.

From your first experience, we are hear to take care of you.

 We always assemble, service, adjust, and test your equipment BEFORE you leave the store.

You are guaranteed that you will never leave the store with power equipment that does not work.

Our warranty rate is less than 1% ever, on the product we sell.

That's Our Guy Hugh!

Some of the questions you may be asking:

A. Do you sell it in a box?

No, we do not sell a product in a box. Everything we sell is assembled, serviced, run up, adjusted, and tested to ensure it is working when you get home or to the job.

B. What if there is a problem when I get home or down the road?

Your product is backed by a manufacturer's warranty. We are the factory service center for your product. If you have a problem, we are here, backed by the manufacturer to fix any warranty issue you may have. If your problem is related to operation or maintenance, then we offer parts and service for your equipment as well.

Remember: We test every piece of equipment BEFORE it leaves, so the odds that yours won't work when you get home are next to nothing.

C. Does your equipment ever go on sale at the end of the season?

The demand for lawn and garden equipment almost always exceeds the supply in any given year. We try to keep equipment in stock throughout the season, but we are almost always sold out before the season is over. Our manufacturers offer promotional sales during the season, so now is the best time to purchase while we still have a good selection to choose from.

D. How do I deal with mixed gas for my equipment?

Your equipment requires a mixture of oil and gas to operate. We offer a 6 pack of oil and a 5 liter fuel can. One bottle goes in 5 liters of fuel. There is no measuring and no mistakes.

New to the Canadian market is Stihl and Aspen synthetic fuel. This is a high purity fuel available unmixed or premixed with synthetic oil. This fuel burns cleaner, makes your equipment easier to start and reduces maintenance costs over the long term. For more information on our synthetic fuels, click here.

E. How often should I service my equipment?

Regular service is required for all outdoor power equipment, the same as your car. An air cooled lawnmower or snow blower engine running 40 hours is equivalent to driving your car 4000 km at highway speeds. Equipment such as chainsaws or spring cleanup equipment should be service before and after every use on a daily basis. Inspect the condition of the air filter, cooling fins, inspect the chain and bar or any belts and chains on rolling equipment. Lubricate any grease points. Change the engine oil in 4 cycle equipment after 40 hours of use.

F. Can I buy it cheaper somewhere else?

There will always be someone selling something cheaper. The question you need to ask is who will service my equipment down the road? Home Depot and Canadian Tire do not offer parts or service for what they sell. We only have the resources to service what we sell to our own customers.