Aspen Fuel

Why Aspen alkylate fuels?

  • High-Performance and Easy on Equipment
    • No ethanol means minimized corrosion and residue.
  • Convenient
    • Aspen fuels are specially formulated and Aspen 2 is premixed to be ready for use in machines requiring 50:1 or 40:1 mixes.
  • Excellent for Long-time Storage
    • Safely store machines without emptying, and count on equipment to start.
  • Virtually No Fumes
    • Neutral smell for a better user experience.
    • Clean-burning alkylate gasoline has less aromatics, which is better for users and the environment.
  • Superior Value
    • Engineered fuel at competitive prices.

Aspen 2 MSDS Aspen 4 MSDS

* With respect to the amount of hazardous hydrocarbons.